SAMARITAN STRATEGY: Saving the World - One Child at a Time

In the story of "The Good Samaritan", a man traveling along a dangerous road is set upon by bandits. He is stripped of everything he owns, beaten, and abandoned to die. Several people pass by him and see him lying by the roadside, bleeding from his wounds and too weak to get up. They all look the other way and continue on with their business, telling themselves that they have good reasons for not helping. Finally, a Samaritan man passes by - and stops to help. The man's life is saved.


All it took was one Good Samaritan who chose not to look away from the man's desperate need.

The story of the Good Samaritan is core to the culture and ethos of Children's Hunger Relief Fund . In his ground-breaking book, The Samaritan Strategy ( Wolgemuth & Hyatt, 1988), Colonel V. Doner laid out the following strategy:

Do what you can for the child in front of you.

and then the next child . . .

and then the next . . .

Dr. Doner called it "saving the world, one child at a time!

This simple vision caught on. Children's Hunger Relief Fund was formed in 1975 by Dr. Doner and a group of businessmen and local pastors who decided that they could no longer look away from the needy children they saw "lying by the roadside". They determined to do something.

Three decades later, these men and women have been joined by thousands of other "Good Samaritans" in the form of donors like you. As a result, the "Samaritan Strategy" has saved tens of thousands of children's lives over the past thirty years:

One meal has become millions of life-sustaining meals served to children on five continents.

One rescued orphan has become thousands of rescued children given new hope for the future.

One water well has become hundreds of life-saving water projects that will be saving tens of thousands of children's lives for the next 25 years.

One small business loan has become thousands of new small businesses started by people who once couldn't feed themselves and are now providing a livelihood for others.

One vegetable garden has become hundreds of food gardens that are feeding thousands and providing surplus for cash sales, etc.

And it all started with a commitment by people like yourself who decided to do what they could to make a difference -- one child at a time.