Please Help! Urgent Need For Children in Uganda

We just received this Urgent Request from our project and orphanage manager in Uganda. The water well for our 50 orphans has broken and $2,700 is needed in order to replace it. Not only do the lives of 50 children and our staff depend on this clean water resource but the entire local village also comes to the well to find the only clean drinking water around.

Our staff director is currently urgently searching for nearby water resources that they may be able to temporarily drink from but things do not look good.

Without YOUR help these children may have to drink from the dirty water on the ground again. Please, please don't let that happen.

Our orphanage director Caleb explains in his own words the situation and the great need.

"Dear Children's Hunger Relief Fund,

Our well at the Children's home in Matugga Uganda has broken down. It's the only source of clean water for the home and the community. For a few days now we have not had water, we have tried to buy water but it's very expensive. I am very worried the lives of 50 children at this home are in danger. If they resort to the unprotected water in the swamps many of them could die.

We need to raise $2700 to replace the well. I am writing to appeal for your assistance and the help of all the good people and donors of Children's Hunger Relief Fund

Please help us in responding to the great needs of the orphans that depend on Children's Hunger Relief Fund for clean water. We thank you so much for all of your generous support in the past and look forward to continuing our work together of bringing hope to the hopeless.





The water well is now completely done and  completed very successfully. We give appreciation to Children’s Hunger Relief Fund for funding this water well. The beneficiaries are now very happy for they have safe drinking water. This water well is serving 200 children and 3 teachers.

God bless CHRF
Report by:
Pr. David W. Maina
Managing Director
The Lifewater Kenya


This water well  has been fully completed and we thank Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF) for funding the project. The water well will be serving 40 children in the nursery school and a population of about 100 people. There water source has been a seasonal river whose water is not clean too. The beneficiaries are very happy and they send their appreciation to CHRF.
God bless CHRF
Report by:
Pr. David W. Maina
The Managing Director
The Lifewater Kenya


Recently our friend Caleb requested help from CHRF Donors to drill a well for the new orphanage location in Kampala Uganda. Here is his report.

The water drilling project went well. We are now assured of safe, clean drinking water!

And we hope this will reduce tremendously the water-borne related diseases there by reducing the disease burden in our home and in our community.

The drilling rig and crew - very impressive
Clean safe water found at 75m deep!

The children scramble for the first sip.
Water party!!

And no more long distances and waiting in long lines for hours to fetch water with these 10 gallon cans!!!

We thank God and you CHRF for your generosity and for giving us life again!


"Don't drink the water" is a meaningless
prevetative if you don't have any other options



"Waterborne illness kills a child every fifteen seconds and underlies much of the world's disease and malnutrition."

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman


Simple diarrhea kills 4,500 children every day - caused primarily by unsafe drinking water. Most of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa , where the water supply for as many as four out of five rural children is crawling with disease-carrying parasites.

Lack of access to safe water also takes a huge economic toll. UNICEF estimates that some 40 billion work hours per year are lost in Africa alone as a result of the time spent fetching water long distances - up to six hours per day .

This doesn't include the comparable loss of school hours : many children, especially young girls , miss school because they must spend hours fetching water. This significantly reduces these children's chances for a more productive future.


"Providing access to safe drinking water is one of the most powerful and cost-effective things that we can do to save a child's life - in fact, to save a whole community of children and their families for years to come."

Children's Hunger Relief Fund believes that providing access to safe drinking water is one of the most powerful and cost-effective things that we can do to invest in a child's life - in fact, to invest in a whole community of children and their families for years to come. We have funded thousands of projects over the past 25 years - for families, communities, children's homes and schools.

A small tank to collect and store clean water costs as little as $450 and will serve 15-20 people. A well for an entire community or school costs an average of $4,500. Both projects have an average useful life of 20-25 years. That works out to a cost of a few pennies per month to provide clean, life-saving water to thousands of people over the next 20-25 years.

Now that's a really good investment.

So typhoid is saying good bye
to us."

- Margaret, Rugongo Primary School ( Kenya )

Several of our projects have been for children's homes and schools.

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund Clean Water Projects

Cost of Small Water Tank: $500
Serves: 15 - 20 people
Avg. Useful Life: 25 years
Avg. Annual Cost per Person: $1.50

Avg. Cost of community Well: $4,500
Serves: 300 - 1,200 people
Avg. Useful Life: 20 years
Average Cost per Person: $0.35 per year

You can sponsor all or part of a Water Project


Children's Hunger Relief Fund has sponsored clean water projects in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 25 years. We have also recently launched a drive to fund water projects in Afghanistan, where 70% of the rural population lacks access to clean water. To find out how you can help, click here>>