One definition of inspiration is “a Devine influence exerted on the mind or soul.”  As it relates to Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, it is this Godly inspiration that drives our passion to save the children of the world.  The group that founded CHRF is made up of spiritual leaders of varying Christian faiths.  Inspired by the “Samaritan Strategy,” written by our CEO C.V. Doner, the founders wanted to focus on those that couldn’t help themselves, especially innocent children.  

Our work isn’t possible without the support of those that are Willing and Able to support our mission and sometimes you may need a little lift.  At times everyone is in need of inspiration to just make it though the day.  For this reason Children’s Hunger Relief Fund created “God on the Net.”  This site allows anyone in need of a little inspiration to visit us and find an article that will provide some peace of mind – or to take a moment to reflect on what is important to you and your family.  We all need nurturing and perhaps you’ll find just that at “God on the Net.”

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