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It's not as hard to change the world as we might think. Even the smallest gift can change a child's life forever, and one person's vision can multiply and become a movement. We've learned this from our wonderful supporters, many of whom happen to be kids.

If you don't know where to start, here are some simple steps:

•  LOOK AT WHAT MOVES YOUR HEART (for example, hungry kids, victims of a particular disaster, kids living on the streets, vaccinations and health care, etc.)





Here are some stories from people who have shown us how it's done.

Thank you, world changers; you're our heroes!

Alexandra Jackman's
Somalia Children's Fundraiser

Alexandra Jackman is a 7th Grader at Roosevelt Middle School in Westfield, NJ. Recently turned 12, Alex

has been focused on helping her community for many years. She started her fundraising efforts in 2007 at the age of eight when she raised $250 for Homefirst, an organization focused on housing local Union County, NJ homeless. In 2010 she raised $600 for a NJ organization that provides therapeutic, educational and recreational programs to Autistic children and their immediate families.

Alex has decided to move her efforts from the local community to the greater world at large. She has been moved by what she has seen on the news and read online about all the suffering in Somalia.

Last year Alex received the Wallenberg Award for Courage and Compassion for her philanthropic efforts to date. She will personally donate the $500 she received for that honor to start this critically needed fundraising effort.

Every $20 donation to Children’s Hunger Relief Fund pays for 200 meals for the children of Somalia. Alex’s goal is to provide at least 20,000 meals for these needy children during the year between her 12th and 13th birthday. At the same time, she is trying to make her family, friends and community more aware of the terrible situation in Somalia in hopes that more individuals will help those suffering there.

Donate to Alex's Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting these efforts!


University of Texas at Dallas
“Dancin 4 A Cause”

Students, faculty and staff of University of Texas at Dallas showcased their talents November 19th, 2010 at University Theater for “Dancin’ 4 A Cause,” an annual dance concert held to raise money for charity. Participants worked all semester in the Group Fitness Dance Classes in the Activity Center to prepare for the show.

The theme was a tribute to the big screen. Dancers performed to Hairspray, Stomp the Yard, Footloose and many others. The students and staff put on a great show before a sold-out audience this year for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF).

Holly Worrell, Coordinator of Recreational Sports at University of Texas at Dallas is the founder for “Dancin’ 4 A Cause” with a background in dancing. Although her dancing days may be over, she helps choreograph different performances.

“Every year I hold an annual dance concert here at the University of Texas at Dallas for charity. This year I chose your organization as our charity and raised over $2,000 to donate,” said Worrell.

Thanks for a job well done from Children’s Hunger Relief Fund.



Dining Dollar Drive for Haiti

Executive officers of Muir Volunteer Program: (l-r) President Lucia Goin, Co-Philanthropy Chair Jing Huang, Co-Philanthropy Chair Rana Tabrizi, Secretary/Treasurer Nazia Qureshi.

Muir Volunteer Program recently raised over $300 for Haiti relief through a Dining Dollar Drive. Volunteers collected meal point donations for this year’s annual drive that were converted into donations for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund.

Co-Philantrophy Chair, Jing Huang chose CHRF because of his passion for helping children. Jing said, “The idea that there are millions of children all over the world without an adequate amount of food, water and shelter breaks my heart. Because I genuinely believe that children are our society’s future and that they deserve opportunities to learn, grow, and live in our society.”

Muir Volunteer Program was founded in 2009 by Lucia Goin, Rana Tabrizi, Nazia Qureshi, and Jing Huang. The club provides a means of volunteering and helping our world to those with a passion for service. It is dedicated to serving a variety of groups and helps all types of people in need.

Some of their other volunteer work includes quarterly beach clean-ups, visits to homeless shelters, and food/clothing donation drives.


Tie-Dye Extravaganza!

Grace Grinnell and Caroline Mead designed wonderful tie-dye t-shirts that sold out in one day!


Students at Pingree School in South Hamilton, MAlove tie-dye and giving back. That’s why Caroline Mead and Grace Grinnell decided it would be the perfect opportunity to create some sort of tie-dye clothing they could sell in order to raise funds for a cause their classmates were passionate about.

Caroline and Grace tie-dyed 100 t-shirts and designed a logo of five hand painted handprints in a circle on the back of each one. The shirts were a huge success and all

Students at Pingree purchased tie-dye t-shirts to support the work of CHRF.

were sold the first day.

Caroline said, “Everyone loved the message and purpose of Children’s Hunger Relief Fund … so the shirts sold very quickly.”

Grace and Caroline raised $1,485 and plan to make more t-shirts soon to raise more money. “Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is a really amazing organization and we hope our idea can inspire others to get creative and make a difference!” said Caroline.


Benefit Concert A Success

Emelyn (center) and her partner Josef (not pictured) held a successful fundraiser for CHRF

“Think of something that would benefit others and continue to work on it,” were the instructions given to Emelyn Magtonong and Josef Ghosn for their National Honor Society project at Forest Lake Academy (FLA) in Apopka, Florida. Together they partnered up and through their love of music, came up with the idea of holding a benefit concert. It was held on April 4, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. at FLA’s dorm chapel.

The concert was a great success with about seven performing acts, many of which were students from FLA, along with Emelyn’s Bible teacher’s band, Stria. A video from CHRF’s website was also shown. The event was attended by 70 to 80 people, raising $370!

Emelyn choose CHRF as the beneficiary of the proceeds from this event. “I love what you guys do, and I’m happy that we were able to contribute money that will help stop a big problem in our world today,” said Emelyn.

Powderpuff Football Challenge

A “Powerpuff” football game was held at the end of the school year (2008) at Canal Winchester High School in Ohio in order to raise funds for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund.

Three hundred people came to watch the event where 50 girls competed. The senior girls won with a final score of 12-0.

High school senior Hayley Knicely shared, “The weather was perfect on the day of the game! We couldn’t have asked for a better day and turnout!”

The game was a huge success raising $1400 from students, parents and community members. The funds were divided between CHRF and a local food shelter, two of the charities that were researched by senior Anne Black when deciding where to donate.

The kids at Canal Winchester High really do understand the need for community and global responsibility.

Way to go!

Esther Rydell & Amber Kelly helped organize the 30-Hour
Famine at Western Mennonite School in Salem, Oregon.


During a 30-Hour Famine at Western Mennonite School in Salem, Oregon, Amber Kelly and Esther Rydell raised funds for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund. Students had the chance to better understand what people who suffer from hunger feel and the chance to reach out to those in need.

At another time, Amber presented a Powerpoint presentation showing the severity of hunger and what one can do about it. After the presentation, she accepted donations for CHRF.

Between the two events, Amber was able to raise $310.51 to help feed starving children. Way to go Amber!

“Help Feed the Kids Car Wash”



Stephanie Nobuo chose child hunger as her social issue for her government class. Stephanie, a senior from Mt. Diablo High School in Concord, CA, wanted to make a difference, so she organized a car wash to raise funds for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund to help hungry kids.

“I decided to do child hunger because I strongly believe that no kid should go on in life starving. … no child should starve no matter what the circumstance,” said Stephanie.

The car wash took place the weekend of April 12 and 13, 2008. “It was really fun because not only did I get help from my family, but also my friends. And the customers that I had were really nice and they said it was a good thing what I’m doing,” said Stephanie about the event.

Because of Stephanie’s desire to make a difference in the lives of others, she was able to raise $200 to go towards feeding hungry children around the world.

Celebrate a Birthday, Save Lives!
By C.J. Doner



This time when my birthday came around I really wanted to help others. After visiting Africa this past summer I decided to fundraise for my favourite CHRF Project in Africa.

The project is run by an incredible man who goes by the name of Reverend Emma. He and his staff of locals and a few volunteers from Europe run a full time Orphanage, School and AID's Clinic in Kampala, Uganda The kids' stories touched me very much and the children themselves were incredible people! But most of all I appreciated the diligence and perseverance of all of the staff. I respect them very much for how much they give to others and I wanted to help them by giving them some much-needed finances.

So for my 18th birthday I asked my friends and their families to donate money to the cause instead of buying me presents. My goal was to raise $1,800 and through everyone’s generosity I raised $3,600. Double what I had hoped for! By having the party at my house we saved money and everyone had a great time.

Thanks to everybody's generosity I had the best birthday of my life.

Charity Education 101

A few years ago, just prior to Christmas, Sharon Swanson read a newspaper article that told the story of an anonymous person who gave a well-known charity its yearly gold coin, which got her to thinking about giving to a charity.


Sharon, an English teacher at Niles West High School in Skokie, Illinois was inspired by this article and started a project to enlighten her students about the importance of charities. She collected several brochures from charities and had her students pick one to research and write about. If they found their charity to be unreliable, either from a financial or ideological standpoint, they could select a different one.

Each student had to use at least three additional sources, besides the charity’s website, when researching and they had to do an interview. At the end of the assignment, the class voted on which charity would benefit from their donation.

“I discovered this process to be an ideal way for me, too, to make my yearly charitable donation,” Sharon said. “So I told my class(es) that whatever they collected, I would match.”

This year, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund was the recipient of their project, thanks to the research of Rida Aslam.

When asked how Rida choose our charity, she replied, “I was just browsing charities on Charitable Choices ( and saw a tab for hunger, housing, disabilities. Once I clicked on Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, I read the introductory information the website provided, and I went to the actual website of the charity to browse around.

“When I saw all the different kinds of projects and how much of its donations it gave to its source, I decided that this will be my charity. I was really happy once everyone voted for my charity.”

Thanks to Sharon, Rida and their class, $225 was raised for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, and the class was introduced to philanthropy and how their compassion can benefit the less fortunate.

Dance Away World Hunger


Cans for Charity helps the world community through small, project-by-project fundraisers based on the redemption of refundable containers. By collecting recyclable cans and bottles and properly disposing of them, Cans for Charity raises funds to make a difference in other charitable endeavors.

In a collaborative effort with the Concord Youth Civic Leadership in Concord, Massachusetts, Cans for Charity presented a check to Children’s Hunger Relief Fund for $2,000.

The Community Youth Alliance, along with the Concord Youth Civic Leadership organized a dance fundraiser called "Dance Away World Hunger." The dance was held on June 2, 2007 at Hunt’s Gym for 7th and 8th graders from four middle schools in the Concord/Carlisle area.

While the youths had fun, they were also raising awareness to the desperate situation in Darfur, Sudan. The dance raised $1,000. Cans for Charity matched their donation which increased the total gift to CHRF to $2,000.

Thanks to The Community Youth Alliance, Concord Youth Civic Leadership and Cans for Charity, enough was raised to provide food for about 29 families in Darfur for a month, along with cooking kits and temporary shelter.

Like Father, Like Son


"My dad is my inspiration," says C.J. Doner "I've been put in this place by God and given the opportunity to help people."

Many parents have a profound effect on their children, as is clearly evident with 16-year-old C.J., a junior at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa, California. Following in the footsteps of his father, Colonel Doner, CEO of Children's Hunger Relief Fund (CHRF), C.J. has the desire to help others in need.

While attending Bible study one day, C.J. had the vision of turning his first thought of a barbecue celebrating summer into a fundraiser with voluntary donations - a party with a purpose. Upon visiting CHRF's website, , C.J. decided his cause would be 'Wells for Ethiopia.'

At the barbecue, C.J. related to 20 of his friends and their families disheartening stories of the drought-stricken Ethiopia - People drinking contaminated water and dying; others walking considerable distances to bring water home. Many of the attendees were unaware of the difficulties occurring in Ethiopia.

C.J. had expectations of raising about $100, but as the day progressed that quickly changed. Adults became caught up in the event. One donated $100, prompting another to pledge $200 and a third $300. By the end of the evening, C.J.'s event had raised $1580 - enough to build a well to supply clean drinking water for a village of up to 1,000 people.

After graduating high school, C.J. plans to go to Africa to help firsthand. His dreams are to work in distribution and supplies or at one of the Samaritan Centers for homeless children.

After his first visit to Africa, C.J. explained, "It hit me that this was reality. I know there's suffering all over the world, but Africa is just tormented by so much. It seems to be a great place to start helping.

Father's Day Recital Raises over $900

Participants of the recital - Bottom Row L-R: Chukwu Iheke, Richard Nguyen, Erick Balde, Andrea Cruz, Donald Pan, Kirstiana Bandong, Michelle Valdovinos, Jackie Nguyen. Top Row L-R: Gregory de Leon, David Delaney, Ravi Sankaran, Kim Hinkley, Faith Iheke, Serena Sanders. Not Pictured: Sierra La Mar, Akshay Mahajan, Pranav Lodha, Roshan Lodha, Kavitha Hari, Anuj Desai

The piano students of Kim Hinkley performed a Summer Recital on Father'sDay, June 18, 2006 to benefit Children's Hunger Relief Fund. The recital, held at All Saint's Catholic Church in Hayward, California featured students from age 7 to "grown up" playing a variety of styles, from Chopin to "Star Wars."

This celebration of music was an effort to make a difference in the lives of hungry children all around the world. Their goal of reaching $500 in donations was surpassed when they raised over $950.

Thanks to Kim and her students for sharing their evening of entertainment to help benefit the hungry children of the world.

Kids in Redding, CA Raise almost $17,000 for Tsunami Victims! can do big things through you no matter how old you are. When the 4 th, 5 th and 6 th graders heard about the suffering of the Tsunami victims, they decided to do something about it.

And boy did they! They shared their vision with the church and got everybody into the act. They even had a contest as to who could raise the most money. The 4 th graders won but everybody ended up winners because they raised over $16,000!!!

Wow! We think you guys are AWESOME! And so do the kids and their families that you helped in Sri Lanka and India .

Thanks, Holly, for your inspirational leadership, and thank you 4 th, 5 th and 6 th graders at Little Country Church for making such a BIG difference in the lives of thousands of people. You're all world changers!


Tyler, who is in 5th grade, and his brother, Cole, who is in 4th grade, spent two whole days doing chores around the house to earn money from their parents for tsunami relief. Together they raised $50.






Marissa, who is in 4th grade, had received a ten dollar bill for her 9th birthday. She gave it all to the Tsunami Relief Fund.




Courtney is in 4th grade and raised a little over $60 by going around her neighborhood with a shoebox she decorated and asking for donations for the victims of the tsunami. She raised the most money out of all the kids in Jr. Church.



Sonoma Valley Chorale Sings for the Children


The Sonoma Valley Chorale dedicated their March concert series, "Opera! As You Like It," to the Tsunami victims. Thanks to the concerts' generous attendees and members, they raised over $1,700! The performances also received rave reviews.

The Chorale has a 32-year history of charitable giving. "We feel a real responsibility to try to make a difference. Our music is a powerful vehicle for communicating love and positive energy to our audiences, and it makes us very proud to know that we can also reach out and touch others outside of our audiences, when they need our help," said Jim Griewe, Music Director.

Thank you, Sonoma Valley Chorale, for making such beautiful music and sharing your generous hearts with the children of the Tsunami!

Find out more about the Chorale and their current programs at .

Thanks Alex

Alex, a junior high student in Michigan, saw a news program about people suffering because of the war in Darfur, Sudan -- and wanted to help. She collected money  from friends, family, and local businesses to contribute to CHRF relief efforts.


Maya's Book Project Is Changing Lives in Uganda !

"I love helping other people be happier with their lives, so I was more than happy to hear that the orphanage in Uganda that I contacted through Children's Hunger Relief Fund would love to receive books that my friends and family and I donated in honor of my Bat Mitzvah. It is a tradition in Judaism to do an act of good will or charity in honor of the person's coming of age. I will continue to send books to Uganda, as I have so many to offer!"

"I'm glad that the bishop and the orphanage are enjoying my monthly shipments of books."


Maya (14) lives in Geneva, Switzerland . Every month, she sends a shipment of books to Charis Center, one of our sponsored orphanages in Uganda . This is a wonderful, life-changing gift for the children there, who normally would not have access to such wonderful materials. Maya, your good will and charity are reaching hundreds of children and opening up new worlds to them through your books! They are also very encouraged to know that a girl in Switzerland is thinking of them every month. Thank you!

Bishop Obokech at the Charis Center in Uganda wrote this letter to Maya's mom, Helena.

Dear Helena,

The latest shipment of books arrived two days ago and I must say thanks to Maya and you all for the shipment. The books so far received are now in a library for the children. We were motivated to set up the library because of Maya's commitment to send the books on a regular basis. We also made some collections of books and put them in the library.

Your daughter, Maya, must be a brilliant compassionate young girl. I have shared with all the children at the Center and the staff about Maya's contributions and my appointing her as the Center's Ambassador to Switzerland and the neighboring countries.

Of late, I have been thinking of selling an idea to Maya. Would Maya consider coming to Uganda with her friends to visit her friends here at the Center? I can picture a great impact it would have on the children here and on her team. And you never know what would develop thereafter.

May I once again thank you for encouraging Maya. Please give our love to her.






Bristol Group From the Heart Holds Benefit for the Childrenof Darfur

Kim Power and a group called From the Heart in Bristol, England coordinated a Halloween Party to raise funds for suffering children in Darfur, Sudan . They had a bonfire, pumpkin making and musical entertainment featuring local performers. The Physical Jerks (their real name!) and others performed dance acts.

The event was a huge success and raised over $1,200! The kids and their families had a great time while making a real difference in the lives of the smallest victims of the Darfur tragedy.

Thanks, Kim, and the From the Heart group for sharing your compassionate vision with your community and making an even bigger difference for the Darfuri children.

When's your next party?

Marion, Owner of Zone Hampton Gym, and Her Dedicated Spinners Raised

Over $11,000 for Tsunami Relief!

In response to the tsunami disaster, Marion and her spin class in the Hamptons, NY held an extended two hour spinning session. In case you don't know, "spinning" is a low-impact aerobic workout on high performance stationary bikes. A one hour session can leave you pretty tired. So, a two hour spin-a-thon took some dedicated perseverance! Everyone walked (or limped!) away from the event feeling good about pushing themselves physically because all of the money raised went to help victims of the tsunami.

On behalf of the children: Thank you, Hampton spinners!

Kindergarten Class at Ingleside Elementary in Athens, TN Raise $1,373 for Tsunami Relief!

The kindergarten class at Ingleside Elementary School in Athens, TN decided to give up their ice cream money to help the children of the tsunami. But they didn't stop there! They put other money in jars and asked other people in town to help. Everybody pitched in.

Wow. Thank you, kids of Ingleside, for caring about other kids thousands of miles away and being willing to do something about it -- even giving up your ice cream treats! Plus you got other people involved too! You are an inspiration to all of us!

Droege's ATA Black Belt Academy raises support for Tsunami Victims


Olivia and Erika, students of Droege's ATA Black Belt Academy, raised support for the Tsunami victims by selling baked goods. The sisters helped their mom bake the goods and took care of the selling too.

Todd, a 7 th degree Taekwondo black belt, and his wife Susan, Facility Director, have children of all ages involved in their program and are especially proud of students such as Olivia and Erika for having great leadership skills and empathy toward others at such a young stage in their lives.

Activity Department of Tanglewood Manor in NY raises support for Tsunami Victims through selling Balloon Bouquets.

Tanglewood Manor and Memory Gardens Activities Department raised money for children affected by the devastating Tsunami. The department took preorders from family and staff on the bouquets at $5 each. The balloon bouquets consisted of four Valentine themed balloons tied to a weight. The activities department made more than 40 bouquets with all proceeds going to Children's Hunger Relief Fund to help children recover from the Tsunami Disaster.