Extensive Renovation of Medical Clinic and Surgery Center in Juarez, Mexico

Emmanuel Ministries has recently dedicated the grand re-opening of their medical facility to the donors of Children’s Hunger Relief Fund after the completion of extensive renovations and modernization of the facility.  For years, YOU, our donors have supported this program and stayed loyal to the orphans and other children living in Juarez. Prior to the building of the clinic, the children had no way of receiving any medical care of any kind.

A devastating 15 percent of children under the age of 17 die in Mexico, typically from leukemia, intestinal problems (stomach infections etc.), respiratory problems (pneumonia, bronchitis etc.) or malnutrition. CHRF’s donors have provided an answer to these various diseases and causes of death in the form of this medical facility. Thanks to this newly revitalized medical clinic and surgery center, now the children of Emmanuel Ministries can receive free treatment from one of the best, cleanest and biggest clinics in all of Juarez, a city of 1.5 million

Prior to the modernization of the clinic, it had already successfully treated hundreds of patients saving countless lives. The clinic also provides poverty stricken residents of the surrounding neighborhood with affordable low cost medical care.

Josue Lopez, the original founder of Emmanuel Minis-tries gave the inauguration speech for the clinic in honor of his long time friend Colonel Doner, chairman of CHRF.

“It is a beautiful medical facility and the doctors truly care about their work, I am gratefully blessed to see our support used so well.” Doner remarked after the opening of the newest addition to Children Hunger Relief Fund’s list of projects in Central America.

Haiti Medical Clinics

Imagine having to walk for more than fourteen hours, injured or sick, just to see a doctor? Or watching your children slowly starve to death, their bodies eaten away by the effects of malnutrition. In Haiti these devastating circumstances can be frequent occurrences. That is why Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has made it our priority to help these people and their children from atrocious conditions.

Tucked away in the valleys of Cazale, Haiti exists one of the countries best, cleanest and most well organized medical clinics in all of the country. The sick and injured frequently walk or are carried over FOURTEEN hours in order to receive attention from this renowned and popular clinic.

The project was started back in 1998 and since then has provided for over 97,000 different locals from the surrounding villages of Macomme, Cadette, Grand Chemin, Belneau, Belair, Cada, Pity, and Ropissa. The clinic sees an average number of 75 patients a day, treating various symptoms.

A high rate of the medical cases seen at the clinic, especially among children, pertains to symptoms of malnutrition. The nurses at the clinic have now set up a rescue center where the children can stay until they are ready to return to their families or be moved to an orphanage. At the rescue center children are revived from their horrific physical conditions brought on by malnutrition, including water retention (resulting in swollen heads), hair loss, skin erosion and a distended abdomen (bloated belly).

After a close inspection of the clinic by the CHRF Haiti team we have swiftly taken the clinic under our wing and it now represents one of our leading efforts in bringing an end to the staggering conditions that the children of Haiti live and die in.

Now, after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January, much of the building’s foundation will need to be re-built. CHRF, along with our donors, are hoping to provide for the clinic now in this moment of desperation. PLEASE join us in our efforts as we work towards re-constructing some of Haiti’s most impressive projects after the recent earthquake.

Kenya-A.I.C. Clinic

“HIV AIDS greatly affects human nature, currently, it is presented as a global security threat, it drastically disorders and affects the lives of people, leaving behind a growing magnitude of orphans, widows and helpless grandparents”. Rev. Emma Kiwanuka CHRF project director, Africa.

The HIV AIDS epidemic cannot continue with us idly standing by.

As you undoubtedly already know, the HIV AIDS virus has taken millions of lives around the globe and particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa where it is estimated that 22 million people are infected, leaving over eleven and a half million children orphaned. Kenya, with around 180,000 children carrying AIDS, is believed to be the third most infected country for children in all of Sub-Saharan Africa.


In Nakuru Kenya, one of the country’s largest cities, with over 300,000 people living there, Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has sponsored the A.I.C. clinic, providing HIV testing for hundreds of local community members and ARV (antiretroviral) drugs to over a hundred infected men, women and children who are clients at the medical clinic. The clinic also treats members of the community for other deadly infections such as malaria, typhoid, TB and many more. The clinic provides the entire community with information and immunizations that will keep them clean and healthy. The clinic has also “de-wormed” over a 700 children in its local community and over 500 adults.

Nurses of the clinic, after seeing the desperate need in their vicinity alone, have now reached out to other areas of Nakuru.

Kenya: Mobile Clinics-

Exciting new avenues are being created to reach out to the sick and needy in Kenya

It is hard to imagine a world without hospitals, transportation and easily accessible medication for our health issues, but in Nakuru, Kenya, a city with around 300,000 inhabitants, none of these necessities are available to the nearly all of the people.  Mothers and their children are left stranded to their homes without any form of transportation to take them for medical check-ups and life-saving vaccinations. In recent years alone THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN have DIED from infections and diseases that could have been easily prevented if they had had access to the proper immunizations.

Thanks to our trained medical staff in Nakuru Kenya, now children and their families have access to these immunizations at ten different locations throughout the city. The local nurses and medical students from our local clinic have recognized the great need around the city and were inspired to “go mobile”. In less then a year they have immunized thousands of children with various vaccines to prevent Polio, Measles, Tuberculosis and many more deadly infections. The staff also does “curative treatment” keeping a close eye on the children over a period of months to ensure they are healthy and not infected.

Now, thanks to the Mobile Medical Staff and YOUR DONATIONS enabling them, thousands of children and hundreds of families are within walking distance of receiving the necessary medical treatment to live.

Malaria, the deadly and dangerous disease, is rampant in several parts of Africa and Uganda is a country especially hit hard with its welcoming climate and dirty conditions. Here, at the Zzana Medical Clinic, just outside of Kampala, doctors and nurses are stunned at the amount of children infected by the disease. So far a staggering 37% of children have tested positive for malaria, doctors are working fast to do what they can for the children to prevent the disease from becoming fatal. Other workers at the Zzana clinic are making desperate attempts of spreading awareness about how to avoid becoming infected.

Thanks to YOU, our donors, supporting Zzana and CHRF, the medical clinic has been able to provide dozens of families with mosquito nets, one of the most effective ways of avoiding malaria.

The Zzana clinic treats many cases besides just malaria. The children living at and around the clinic have grown accustomed to constant check-ups and having reliable treatment for their diseases or injuries. Thanks to YOUR generous donations the Zzana medical clinic has treated and saved the lives of hundreds of children.

On behalf of those children, we Thank You.