Kids committed to changing their culture of poverty!

by Brant Doner

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is proud to report that another Ucan Seminar has been completed. This time, the CHRF team traveled to Nicaragua where they spent 5 days with the local children and their counselors in the Capital of Managua. UCAN is one of CHRF’s most exciting projects thanks to the team’s rare ability to cater to the children’s specific needs.

In this case, the children’s dream was to change the poverty mindset of all of Nicaragua! Nearly all of the 50 children were adamant about helping others around them and changing the lives of those dear to them. The Ucan team was delighted to focus their teachings on how to transform the attitude of “trying” to “doing”.

At the camp children learned how to conquer their fears, work together as a team and understand how powerful they are by looking at the effect they could bring to everyone present. Kids overcame their fear of heights and had to trust each other. One exercise, the trust fall, consisted of one child standing on a wall 8 feet above the ground and falling into the other children’s arms. After yelling “Can I trust you with my life” the child closed his/her eyes and leaped into the arms of their new friends.

The Ucan seminar isn’t for everyone. It requires a high level of participation and consists of one challenge after another. The children of Nicaragua, dedicated to learning how to make a difference, worked as a team and soon became an “unstoppable force for each other”.

By the end of the seminar one of the teen boys told the team that he “now has a reason to live and something to hope for”. These kids assured us that they were serious about helping their friends and family transform from the poverty by leading by example.

Stay Tuned for more reports about the kids’ progress after the Ucan Seminar.
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Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has always asked the question “What can we provide for helpless children around the world besides just shelter and food”. And now that question has lead CHRF to exciting new possibilities and opportunities to change the lives of orphans forever. A new seminar, named “UCAN”, has recently been created specifically focusing on rehabilitating sexually abused children and bringing new vision and hope to shattered orphans. The “pilot” seminar took place in Juarez, Mexico where Emmanuel Ministries experienced something miraculous.

The seminar focused on teamwork, trust building, effective communication, ac-countability and responsibility development. Topics were talked about in an open conversational setting and by debriefing different activities such as games, exercises and an outside extreme sports day.

How to embrace what has happened to you,” “How to win the game when down one to zero,” and “Getting past the past” were a few of many conversational topics. The children had to face and overcome their fears and in the process learn to support each other.

While there both trainers, Davide Zaccariello, a highly renown trainer with experience throughout Europe and the United States, and Brant Doner, also worked with the orphanages main staff on how to support the kids towards their dreams and in supporting their newly set goals. The trainers spent two days with the staff discussing how to continue the process of self-discovery and change in the kids that had begun during the seminar.

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is very excited to provide the children we support with more than just food and shelter, but with projects like UCAN. Our donors can rest assured that the children of our orphanages are inspired to reach for their dreams and achieve great things whether it is paying back their community through various avenues of service or rising above their destined poverty to start a business and a family.

After the great success in Mexico Children’s Hunger Relief Fund looks forward to sponsoring more seminars, with your help, around the world.

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