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Car Wash for a Cause

For over a decade one of CHRF's Associate Churches in Ohio has put on a car wash in which the proceeds support a project in great need. This year, by the grace of God, was the ...Continue reading

40 Day Journey to an Isolated Camp in South Sudan

Recently, we have covered the ways in which our team at CHRF has stepped in to help those affected by COVID-19 in Kenya, as well as those who are continuously uprooted from the ...Continue reading

Feeding Refugees in Ethiopia

With Easter around the corner, many of us are busy choosing items to fill our little ones baskets with, planning the big day with a special church service, BBQ, egg dying, and egg hunts.

This past year has been a challenging one for all of us; and this is especially true for many families in Costa Rica. Having no work due to the pandemic, countless families wer ...Continue reading

Pandemic Preparedness in Kenya

For several years, Children's Hunger Relief Fund has worked with our partners in Kenya helping to provide the necessary materials for clean water, sanitation and hygiene for mo ...Continue reading

We need a Christmas Miracle: Fire in Mexico

For so many of us, Christmas is the best time of the year. Surrounded by good food, an array of desserts, family and friends; you can't help but feel the warmth of God's love i ...Continue reading

Abused Children on the Road to Recovery

Child abuse, the worst thing a child can endure, is at an all time high in the Philippines. Sadly, the number of incidents are only increasing. An alarming 7,000,000 children per year are sexually abused, 20% of those v ...Continue reading

A Look Inside Kenya

For many years, Kenya has struggled with its water supply. Over 16 million people lack access to safe water relying on ponds, shallow wells, and rivers, which carry various dangerous diseases. Recently Kenya was struck with a devastating flood that c ...Continue reading

Easter in the Swamp

From the entire CHRF Family to yours, we wish you a wonderful and blessed Easter Sunday.  For members of our relief team this Holy Day will be spent giving back,  to those least fortunate.  Our team will be navigating through the treacherous swamp ...Continue reading

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Children's Hunger Fund Relief


When Others Pull Out, We Dig In!
CHRF and our partners make a commitment to an area for the long haul. In hot spots like South Sudan and Afghanistan, this often means digging in when other aid organizations are pulling out.

Our loyalty builds trust and support from the people we serve, who don't have the option of leaving when the bombs start falling. This makes us much more effective over the long term.


"Working together, we all can realize the dream of making a difference to the millions of children who suffer from hunger and lack of education."

Founder & President - Help Uganda

"The ministry of CHRF is managed by hard working and people of great integrity who give constant attention to how every dollar is spent."

Rector, Christ the King Anglican Church

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