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Clean Water Projects

Please Help Provide Clean Water For Children in Africa. 

uganda crisis

We just received this Urgent Request from our project and orphanage manager in Uganda. The water well for our 50 orphans has broken and $2,700 is needed in order to replace it. Not only do the lives of 50 children and our staff depend on this clean water resource but the entire local village also comes to the well to find the only clean drinking water around.

Our staff director is currently urgently searching for nearby water resources that they may be able to temporarily drink from but things do not look good.

Without YOUR help these children may have to drink from the dirty water on the ground again. Please, please don't let that happen.

children being fed

uganda orphans

Our orphanage director Caleb explains in his own words the situation and the great need. "Dear Children's Hunger Relief Fund, Our well at the Children's home in Matugga Uganda has broken down. It's the only source of clean water for the home and the community. For a few days now we have not had water. We have tried to buy water, but it's very expensive. I am very worried that the lives of 50 children at this home are in danger. If they resort to drinking the unprotected water in the swamps many of them could die.

uganda orphan crisis

We need to raise $2700 to replace the well. I am writing to appeal for your assistance and the help of all the good people and donors of Children's Hunger Relief Fund Please help us in responding to the great needs of the orphans that depend on Children's Hunger Relief Fund for clean water. We thank you so much for all of your generous support in the past and look forward to continuing our work together of bringing hope to the hopeless.

children being fed

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