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Feeding Programs - Feeding Hungry Children


That's alomost 9,000 little boys and girls a day – precious children whose lives were lost simply because they didn’t get enough nutritious food to eat. Malnutrition is the #1 killer of children – particularly small children under five whose strength and resistance are limited. Referred to as "the invisible emergency" because its deadly effects are often not apparent until the damage is already done, malnutrition killed 3.1 million children last year and retarded the physical and mental development of millions of others, cutting off their hope for a more productive future.

In the last few years, prices for staple foods needed to feed billions of people around the world rose to record levels. Prices for wheat, rice and corn, for example, have risen more than 80%.

According to the World Bank, investing in the agriculture sector is twice as effective at reducing poverty as growth in other sectors. This investment will help the world's poorest people earn their way out of poverty. The first benefit is improved economic growth. Agriculture investment will also enable the world's poorest countries to better feed their people and withstand future shocks from changing global food prices, changing fuel prices, weather patterns, and financial crises.

We Work with Local Project Managers

Children's Hunger Relief Fund pursues a grass roots strategy that helps keep overhead low and builds capacity at the community base, where it will have the greatest impact over the long term.

When Others Pull Out, We Dig In

Children's Hunger makes a commitment to an area for the long haul. In hot spots like Sudan and Afghanistan, this often means digging in when other aid organizations are pulling out. Our loyalty builds trust and support from the people we serve, who don't have the option of leaving when the bombs start falling. This makes us much more effective over the long term.

We Pursue a Comprehensive Strategy Aimed at Permanently Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

To truly make a difference in children's lives over the long term, we must help their families and communities become more self-sufficient. We must break the cycle of poverty – which is the main enemy in the war to save children. Children's Hunger Relief Fund devotes considerable resources to this end in the form of micro-enterprise loans, vocational training and sustainable agriculture projects. The families we help then help other families out of the surplus they generate and the whole community becomes stronger. The result is healthier children with a much brighter hope for their futures. The cycle is broken – one family at a time.


children being fed

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