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Happy Thanksgiving from CHRF!

We are so grateful for YOU, our donors and followers, for all of the great work you have enabled us to do over the past 38 years. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund and all of the work that we do is a simple expression and extension of your love, your k ...Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Children’s Hunger Relief Fund

Dear Friends and Family, 2011 has been an exceptional year for CHRF because we have been able to do so much around the world in Africa, Asia, North & Central America and much much more! Because of our donors and supporters, our brave internation ...Continue reading

Conclusion Of Team Leader Afghanistan Report:

I want to visit displaced families, to hear their stories, to see the conditions they are living in and to find out how we can help. These people have been displaced by heavy fighting in Helmand province and have been forced to flee for their lives. ...Continue reading

Very Latest Afghan Report Cont.

I have 2 objectives this trip, 1) visit the orphanage for meetings to discuss some issues and plan the way forward;   2) carry out an on-site assessment at a displaced peoples camp outside Kabul. Waiting outside f ...Continue reading

Recent Afghanistan Report Cont…

It’s an early start, back out onto the busy streets. Sunday is a normal business day in an Islamic country, trying to get anywhere in Kabul is a challenge, people, cars, roadblocks, convoys, everyone pushes. As a non-local this is where you feel mo ...Continue reading

Live Updates From our director in Afghanistan.

And now please enjoy pages from the journal of one of our team members as they help the refugees and children in Afghanistan, Please note for their safety all names and locations have been changed: It’s just under a 3 hour flight f ...Continue reading

Special Reports from our team leader in Afghanistan.

Please stay tuned in next week to read from our international team leaders report as he travels through the devastated country of Afghanistan. News reports are saying that thousands of families are currently homeless and displaced from the war and ar ...Continue reading

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