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Category: UCAN

UCAN Training Report!

Greetings again readers! Sorry to keep you waiting, the Internet in the Dominican Republic was a little slow to say the least. The UCAN seminar on the other hand was anything but slow! Day One: We had an amazing time with the counselors prior to our ...Continue reading

Blog From UCAN in The Dominican Republic

Entry from Campbell Kelley, UCAN Team Leader. “Greetings everyone! We just arrived in the Dominican Republic today and are getting quickly acculmated with our new surroundings. It has been a long few days of planes and more planes to get here to ...Continue reading

CHRF Team Travels to The Dominican Republic

Please Stay tuned in next week as Children's Hunger Relief Fund helps to send an international team down to the Dominican Republic to host another great UCAN seminar for abused children. In the past teams have traveled to Mexico, South Africa and N ...Continue reading

First Project you need to know about? UCAN!

In the summer of 2009 an international team funded by CHRF went down to Juarez Mexico, one of the world’s most dangerous cities, to conduct a five day inspirational and, what turned out to be life changing seminar for thirty of our orphans. The pil ...Continue reading

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