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First Project you need to know about? UCAN!

In the summer of 2009 an international team funded by CHRF went down to Juarez Mexico, one of the world’s most dangerous cities, to conduct a five day inspirational and, what turned out to be life changing seminar for thirty of our orphans. The pilot seminar went very well and months later when the results came in CHRF was overjoyed to see the change that had been implanted in the children’s lives. The seminar aims at encouraging kids to breakthrough the gap of whatever is hindering them from achieving their dreams after first making the discovery of their fears and in-turn overcoming them! The seminar not only helps the children but also provides their counselors and teachers with tools to continue the work that has started creating a lifespring of change and possibilities! The culture and kids have made a great return on the investment of the seminar by creating jobs around the city for themselves, dramatically raising their grades and starting families. After the success of the first UCAN training the team traveled to South Africa and Nicaragua in the summer of 2010 to conduct three more seminars for over a total of 150 children. For more information on UCAN click here: ( To see the UCAN video click here: ( And stay tuned with CHRF to see where the UCAN team goes in the summer of 2011!

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