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Easter in the Swamp

From the entire CHRF Family to yours, we wish you a wonderful and blessed Easter Sunday.  For members of our relief team this Holy Day will be spent giving back,  to those least fortunate.  Our team will be navigating through the treacherous swamp ...Continue reading

Caught in a War Zone, Children of Syria Need Help

Since the onset of the Syrian Civil War, millions of children and a total of 5 million people have been displaced from their homes. Some have sought refuge locally in vacant and dilapidated buildings, some in the harsh Middle Eastern desert. Others h ...Continue reading

Innocent Children Caught in the Middle of Conflict in Nicaragua!

Long one of the safest nations in Central America, Nicaragua has found itself in a state of unrest. Peaceful protests have received violent backlash and the entire nation is at risk. Hundreds of people ha ...Continue reading

Disaster in East Africa

Natural Disaster's come in many forms. They are unexpected, unpredictable and can leave unimaginable damage in their wake. In the United States we have experienced many of these crises over the past few years and in these tragic times ...Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day from the CHRF Family to Yours

On behalf of everyone at CHRF we would like to take time to honor mothers around the globe this Mother's Day, May 13th. As President Abraham Lincoln once said "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother...Continue reading

Exciting News in Central Uganda!

CHRF and our partners around the globe truly believe in the phrase "a little, goes a long way" and a great example of this idea being used in reality is our partner project in a small village in Central Uganda. Beginning just a few short years ago ...Continue reading

Merry Christmas Around the World

During this special time of year we are reminded how precious and priceless our families are as we gather to celebrate Christmas. At Children’s Hunger Relief Fund we have the special privilege of supporting our “extended family” and partners al ...Continue reading

Thank you from all the children around the world that you have helped!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year when many of us have the opportunity to come together with friends or family members to celebrate and “give thanks” for the many things in life that we don’t typically take time to appreciate. But for ...Continue reading

CHRF Continues to Make “Waves” with Water in Kenya

Earlier this year CHRF shared stories from Kenya of History in the making. Today we are proud to report that in 2015 we have continued to make great strides in the field of clean water and personal hygiene. So much so in fact that the international ...Continue reading

Nepal: More Earthquakes Strike As Our Team is on the Ground.

In a horrifying turn of turn of events yet another large earthquake measuring 7.3 has struck Nepal. This time the natural disaster took yet another 50 lives and left over a thousand more injured. Fortunately our CHRF Emergency Relief team was in a po ...Continue reading

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When Others Pull Out, We Dig In!
CHRF and our partners make a commitment to an area for the long haul. In hot spots like South Sudan and Afghanistan, this often means digging in when other aid organizations are pulling out.

Our loyalty builds trust and support from the people we serve, who don't have the option of leaving when the bombs start falling. This makes us much more effective over the long term.


"Working together, we all can realize the dream of making a difference to the millions of children who suffer from hunger and lack of education."

Founder & President - Help Uganda

"The ministry of CHRF is managed by hard working and people of great integrity who give constant attention to how every dollar is spent."

Rector, Christ the King Anglican Church

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