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Category: Philippines

A Christmas Miracle!

As you may know this month our partners in the Philippines were told to expect another deadly typhoon that could have taken the lives of hundreds of children and families. Our teams have gone out to help the Filipino people rebuild their homes in ...Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from CHRF!

We are so grateful for YOU, our donors and followers, for all of the great work you have enabled us to do over the past 38 years. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund and all of the work that we do is a simple expression and extension of your love, your k ...Continue reading

FIRE: An Urgent Request from the Philippines

CHRF has just received an urgent request from our project partners in the Philippines where there has been a massive fire in a community we have been working to help.  Just a few months ago our CHRF team met ...Continue reading

CHRF Your Compassion in the Philippines Part II:

After one of our hardest and toughest days in the field, visiting with children whom pick out of the dirty and dangerous garbage all day just to be able to sell what they find and eat enough for that one day, our team couldn't believe what our partne ...Continue reading

Bringing your compassion to children in the Philippines:

This Summer Children’s Hunger Relief Fund sent our international team to the Philippines where, through the generosity of our compassionate donors, CHRF is providing millions of dollars worth of valuable medicines to clinics and hospitals as well a ...Continue reading

Disaster Sweeps Across Our Projects in the Philippines:

Many of our faithful CHRF Donors have heard about the disastrous flooding that hit the Philippines and many of the surrounding areas. The floods caused 95 deaths and affected 3,000,000 people! Among those affected w ...Continue reading

Saints of Compassion: Mother Joan of the Philippines.

In a small city in the Philippines CHRF works with a league of extraordinary Nuns (the Order of the Missionaries for the Poor), lead by Mother Joan Claire, long time friend of CHRF. Mother Joan’s heart is for the poor and disadvantaged, that is why ...Continue reading

Continuing The Fight Against Sexual Trafficking

It’s rare to find a project partner or organization that you can completely trust to do exactly what they claim to do and actually follow out their mission. That’s why when Children’s Hunger Relief Fund found out about the new organization, Sto ...Continue reading

Multiple Typhoons In The Philippines Cause Flooding.

After being invaded by two typhoons this past week the villages North of the Philippines’ capital city, Manila, are just beginning their recovery process. Almost sixty local villagers have died according to figures reported this morning and even mo ...Continue reading

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