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CHRF In The Philippines

Last month a CHRF team had the opportunity to visit our relief efforts and feeding programs around the Philippines. Their journey led them to see many powerful and heart wrenching images, as well as find smiles on the faces of beautiful children that ...Continue reading

Legendary Leadership: From Commoner to King

This Week Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is proud to present a new book by Board Director Dr. Monte E. Wilson. Dr. Wilson has served with CHRF since 1988 and has been risking his life to help others for even longer as he has traveled to extremely d ...Continue reading

Continuing The Fight Against Sexual Trafficking

It’s rare to find a project partner or organization that you can completely trust to do exactly what they claim to do and actually follow out their mission. That’s why when Children’s Hunger Relief Fund found out about the new organization, Sto ...Continue reading

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