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Continuing The Fight Against Sexual Trafficking

It’s rare to find a project partner or organization that you can completely trust to do exactly what they claim to do and actually follow out their mission. That’s why when Children’s Hunger Relief Fund found out about the new organization, Stop Trafficking International, founded by long time Board Member of CHRF, Monte E. Wilson, we were delighted to immediately make them one of our partners. Organizations like this, that you can trust, are a priceless commodity. Stopping Traffic International is dedicated to working towards the prevention of sexual trafficking as well as helping with the recovery process for victims of the horrendous crime. Stopping Traffic International also seeks to educate the public about these atrocious crimes on a local, national and international platform. Because of Monte’s experiences in the field where he has met, mourned and wept with victims of sexual trafficking in countries such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines and many more the organization has a unique, in depth and personal relationship fighting the problem around the world.

Children Of The World
STI plans to protect and rehabilitate the victimized children they have already met and whom have begged for their help. That’s why Mr. Wilson decided to work closely in South Africa where he has returned countless times to do all that he can help and where: 1 in every 4 women is in an abusive relationship. Every 8 minutes a child is abused. Every six days a woman is killed by her partner. Every 24 minutes a child is raped. And most shocking of all, where a woman born locally has a better chance of being raped than learning to read. It’s these types of shocking statistics and the stories that follow them that have motivated our friends at Stopping Traffic International to do everything within their power to stop these horrific crimes.
Chairman Wilson & Brant Doner, CHRF Field Reporter, investigate the Trafficking Epidemic in the Philippines.
Chairman Wilson & Brant Doner, CHRF Field Reporter, investigate the Trafficking Epidemic in the Philippines.
Please join CHRF in our battle against sexual trafficking. For More information regarding Stopping Human Trafficking please visit their website:

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