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CHRF Donors Support Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica!

Good Day Readers! With so much going on around the world, in global and US politics; and not to mention personal lives, it is easy to forget about the lost, lonely, helpless and starving children of the world. Fortunately for those children, tens of thousands of CHRF donors have "cast their votes" to make a difference in the lives of those beautiful children! If you have browsed the CHRF blog and/or webpage you will have no doubt seen all of the projects that CHRF supports and works with in countries like Haiti (where we have worked to help re-build houses and feed thousands of children), in the Dominican Republic and in Mexico where we provide education, shelter, food and medical attention in the most dangerous city in the world, Juarez Mexico (EL Paso Times). What you might not have noticed is all of the other work that CHRF supports on a daily basis south of our US Border! For example, our work in Costa Rica where CHRF supports a feeding program to help feed children off of the streets. Or where one of our Board Members is leading the effort in creating self sufficient programs and projects that hope to lead to creating many more jobs for the local community. Or our work in Nicaragua where CHRF board Member Mario Aviles is constantly running around to our different feeding and school projects to check on the children! Every year CHRF is pleased to hear from Mr. Aviles about the many children that have been so touched and transformed by the generosity and support of our CHRF Donors for the past 15 years! (For More information on our work in Nicaragua please visit Mr. Aviles is also continuing to work hard creating a successful micro-loan program in Nicaragua to help members of the local community become self sufficient (just like in Costa Rica).

Beautiful Girls in Nicaragua Enjoying their Meals!
Perhaps most interesting of all is our work in Honduras where recently CHRF CEO Colonel V. Doner and CFO Kathleen McCall accompanied a valuable shipment of medicine down to the country so that the supplies could be used for the sick. Mr. Doner was asked to speak to the Congress of Honduras where the country expressed their deep gratitude and Mrs. McCall had a private meeting with Honduras' First Lady.
CHRF CEO & CFO inspect shipment of Medical Supplies in Honduras.
With multiple feeding projects to provide hungry children with food, with multiple schools to provide children with an education, with multiple micro-loan projects to help create jobs all of our CHRF activities in countries like Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are all very exciting! Without the help and generosity of our CHRF donors NONE of these great projects could have been made possible!

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