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Easter in the Swamp

From the entire CHRF Family to yours, we wish you a wonderful and blessed Easter Sunday.  For members of our relief team this Holy Day will be spent giving back,  to those least fortunate.  Our team will be navigating through the treacherous swamps of South Sudan, delivering aid to families in some of the harshest conditions our world offers.

Navigating through the dangerous waters of South Sudan to provide relief to refugees.
After years of conflict, South Sudan is still in a state of unrest. Millions have been displaced from their homes and forced to live a life on the run from violence. The "safest" areas to settle are often the harsh swamps of South Sudan where mothers and children create makeshift tents in an attempt to stave off the vicious heat, deadly mosquitoes, dangerous predators and terror groups which surround them.
Locals assist in the transfer along the river journey.
Our Emergency Relief Director and incredible relief team are currently making the torturous days-long journey through South Sudan to reach these swamp settlements of children and families cut off from any other source of hope. The only ways to reach these poor refugees are by helicopter or simple kayaks, made locally out of hollowed out trees. Our team uses any means necessary to ensure that the hopeless in our world are provided for and shown the loving embrace of the Lord.
A Child Stands with some of the relief materials CHRF helped to provide.
As you congregate with friends and family this Easter Sunday, please consider those less fortunate in our world, keep our team, who continually risk their lives, in your prayers, and if you have the means, please consider supporting CHRF so that we may continue this work. Thank you and God bless.

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