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Exciting News in Central Uganda!

CHRF and our partners around the globe truly believe in the phrase "a little, goes a long way" and a great example of this idea being used in reality is our partner project in a small village in Central Uganda. Beginning just a few short years ago as a small feeding and agricultural project, now we are helping provide children and families with food, agricultural training and a life changing education for more than 50 children!

  Take a look at the wonderful news that we just received from our long time Uganda partner (and CHRF Good Samaritan of the Year) Judi Gentry!

Last season we managed to seed some of our 2 acre piece of farmland at Sembabule. Our women's Co-op of 16 members worked very hard and the result was a pretty fine harvest. They grew maize, beans and sweet potatoes plus some other vegetables. Their efforts resulted in many sacks of beans and maize flower, etc. It nourished their 16 familes, plus our 9 rescue kids and our 30 street kids!... for months! Hard to imagine how we could have made it, without that farmland and harvest!

Now, the planting season is here.... but our last harvest was not enough to last until the next planting and the next harvest. We had to use all the beans and maize we'd saved for planting... for food!  Food is getting short now but we are managing by feeding the kids mostly posho porridge and sweet potatoes. But they are well and happy.  Far better than life on the street! .. and they are in SCHOOL... which was their fondest dream... (after food and safety!)

In one year, we've gone from this...... 
Daisy and Destiny, helping the street kids, when they first found us.
To THIS!!!
Now receiving a high quality education in our school!
The major news about our school is that we truly built it... TOGETHER!! School walls (of all THREE CLASSROOMS were built by UGANDANS!.. THEN roofed by CHRF! ... and finished (PLASTERED, PAINTED AND DESKS,) Help Uganda Kids. 
Our ex-street kids in their new classroom, with our really fine teacher, Mr. Ian.
But...the even greater news is....  OUR SCHOOL IS NOW SELF-SUFFICIENT!!

A miracle!

Our school fees and sponsor-ships coming in from donors are enough for books... to pay two teachers... and feed the kids and teachers lunch. So it's already being self-supporting

  We're proud of that... tho we always need more school supplies.... and another teacher. We have 50 kids in the school now. Some are sponsored and some are paying students from the town. But we also allow our non-sponsored street children to attend lessons.

  Here's the need we have now:   We need $1000 worth of seeds, starts and fruit trees!!! If we had that , we could plant the entire two acres of fertile soil! We also have built a great, strong chicken coop for 40 chickens and now... we just need chickens!!! So for a total of $1500, I think our food needs could also dream of being...

SELF-SUPPPORTING!!   Next harvest, we will be able to save seed for the following planting. And the chickens will CERTAINLY be self-supporting.

  Our only problem is that the rains are starting! Time is critical now for planting.

  Help Judi and CHRF in the final stages of this school which is soon to be self sufficient!  DONATE NOW

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