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Good Morning!

If you are reading this wondering where the CHRF blog is you’re in luck! If not, then you are probably lost. But please let me encourage you to stay and learn a little about CHRF. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is a non-profit organization that has been around and helping children around the world since 1975. In that time CHRF has served hundreds of millions of Meals and built dozens of wells around the world. Our partners and projects reach all around the globe to Afghanistan, Asia, Africa, Mexico, central America and even right here at home in the United States! The purpose of this blog is to bring new donor’s up to speed on our current projects and also update everyone on CHRF’s response to any current needs around the world. Many stories will present our project field director, Darin Harrison, who frequently travels to dangerous places such as the Sudan, Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to serve life saving meals to helpless and needy children. PLEASE stay tuned as our new blog takes you through our exciting projects!

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