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Great Start To 2012!

Although the beginning of a New Year may not always be as exciting and inspiring as we would like it to be (another year older, another tax year to file, another year of this or that etc..) we at CHRF are so grateful for our Donors and their generous support Year after Year! 

Last month CHRF posted a blog about the things our donors have helped make happen over the decades we have been working together, providing millions of children tens of millions of meals, providing countless villages millions of cups of water, making emergency trips to places like Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. This list of GOOD DEEDS goes on and on, and as CHRF celebrates our 37th Birthday this year we have our Donors to thank for making all of the Miracles around the world possible! 


This week we have received a thank you letter from one of our orphanages and feeding centers in Uganda and wanted to pass on the thanks and gratitude to where it's deserved, YOU, our Donors! 

The letter is from Isaac the orphanages director in Uganda who feeds over 100 children: 

"Thank you so much for your support towards our orphanage! It was wonderful to have a Christmas party at the orphanage.  We want to share our gratitude with those who contributed to the party and made our kids smile because A cake and some good diets.


We want to let you know that your current support has helped us to buy some mattresses and 10 bed sheets for the orphans. We also bought 100 kgs of posho children to start eating in the beginning of January in this year 2012, your continuing support has done good and brought hope in our orphanage.

We pray that God bless you so much and large your income and blessings this year." 

It's CHRF Donors that make Miracles like this possible all around the world every day! We are incredibly excited to be your partner in helping feeding the hungry and starving children of the world! 

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  1. Hi Colonel, CJ and CHRF staff. I don’t currently receive a copy of your blog and would like to at: I am your junior partner Judi Gentry of and we support the the Message of Hope orphanage in Uganda. Thanks for posting isaac’s thanks and the photos of Isaac and our kids with the cake and the mattresses I purchased for them last January and December. Good news: our Help Uganda Kids donors have funded a complete boundary fence for our 10 acres over there and the well that CHRF helped us construct is now protected as well. (Village thieves were stealing all the water at night, plus our oranges and other things. The fence has helped a lot.) Last night, three thieves tried to steal our $400 hybrid dairy cow that HUK purchased last year! The fence helped our night watchman to stop them!
    Thanks for your support for food for our kids. It means so much to us! Judi
    Judi Haven Gentry
    Help Uganda Kids Project

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