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Innocent Children Caught in the Middle of Conflict in Nicaragua!

Long one of the safest nations in Central America, Nicaragua has found itself in a state of unrest. Peaceful protests have received violent backlash and the entire nation is at risk. Hundreds of people have died over the past month and there is no end in sight for this violence.

This constant threat of violence has placed an increased strain on children and families who were already struggling with the trials and tribulations of poverty. What will they do now? Innocent families whose only concerns were where their next meal would come from or how they would provide an education for their children are now caught in the middle of bloody conflict.

CHRF and our partners continue to provide meals, education and care for these innocent families. We hope that you will join us in support and prayer of these children so that we can help ensure that they will have a brighter future.
CHRF Partner School Feeding Program in Nicaragua

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