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More Miracles and Medicine in Honduras

In the mountainous and beautiful country of Honduras an untreated sickness of a child or their parents can rapidly turn from bad to worse, and even threaten their lives. The reason behind this reality is simple, many families and children don’t have access to affordable or free health care and cannot get the medicines that could easily help to cure them and bring them back to health. Take Isabel Lopez, a happy young seven-year-old girl who lives in Honduras. Her mother works tirelessly selling small items to earn just a few dollars. Isabel’s father abandoned her and her family right after she was born. Just this year Isabel became very sick. Although her mother could not afford to pay for a doctor, she traveled to one of our partnering clinics, where she knew that medicine for sick children is always readily available for free. After taking her prescribed medicines, Isabel soon recovered to full health. It’s because of harsh realities and stories like these that CHRF is so grateful to provide valuable pharmaceuticals to our network of doctors, clinics and hospitals not only in Honduras, but around the world. These donations present a great opportunity to effectively create a tremendous impact in undeveloped nations because these donated medicines are so valuable to the clinics, hospitals, patients, poor and sick who receive them. CHRF has had the pleasure of working with the same partners in Honduras for many years and we can’t imagine a group of doctors and health professionals who are more dedicated to helping their people in any way possible.


Our Lead Doctor on the ground verifies the appropriate distribution of medicine.

In the summer of 2016, our team traveled to visit our partners in Honduras and personally inspect the distribution process. Our team met with many doctors from local clinics and hospitals in Honduras whom often receive our medicines after making requests when their supplies run low. During the distribution our team took advantage of the opportunity to assist in the loading process, helping several groups of doctors to expedite the loading process. During this time we had the opportunity to speak with many of these medical professionals. Their words of thanks and appreciation were moving beyond belief. They told countless tales of their small-staffed medical facilities being overwhelmed by the number of patients that they provide care for and their previous inability to provide medications, free of charge, to the poor and needy in their community. They also shared many stories of recovery like that of little Isabel.

CHRF Partners with local Doctors to provide medicine.

They continued to say that these donated medicines have been a true gift from God for so many people who count on them for lifesaving care and expressed thanks to CHRF and all the donors who have made these shipments a possibility. They once again requested that we send more medicines as soon as possible. Fortuitously for the doctors and our network of distribution partners we were able to send more medicines shortly thereafter. Our team also met with soldiers from the military who also receive some of the medicines in order to take it out on their “brigades” when visiting isolated mountain villages. They also informed our team of how life-changing these gifts are for the children and families living in Honduras. The people never cease to be so grateful for their medicines despite their health conditions.

The Military collects medicines to bring to the isolated families in the mountains.

In closing, our team reflected on the incredible partnership that we have in place with our network in Honduras. True success in charitable work is achieved through partnerships with like-minded, passionate, groups and individuals who see the extreme needs that exist in this world and who are taking action to help those in need. Our partners in Honduras embody this concept. Our partnership with them has been nothing short of a God-Send for our organization and our entire team looks forward to the continuation and expansion of our work together for years to come.

Our team helps load medicines to be distributed at local clinics.

And of course, our help doesn’t just stop in Honduras, you can find us making an impact around the globe in Haiti, Asia and Africa where our partners even run “mobile” clinics so that they can visit rural villages that are totally without a medical clinic of any kind!

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