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Somalia and Ethiopia: Emergency Food Distributions

This week our CHRF Emergency Relief Teams have been working across neglected areas of Somalia and Ethiopia providing urgently needed support, including life saving meals for children.


A CHRF truck pulls up to deliver meals in Somaliand.

As some of our readers know, the CHRF Emergency Relief Team voluntarily sets out to find children, families and entire villages of people that are living in highly dangerous areas in order to bring life-saving food and supplies to these children and families that no other aid agency or Government branch has been able to help. Why does the team risk their lives in order to go into these dangerous areas? Because they understand that by reaching these children and families; whom need our help the most, we are being as effective as possible with our food deliveries and distributions. The team sets out to fulfill our mission of bringing hope to the hopeless. About the trip: The CHRF Team was extremely productive this week bringing over a quarter of a million (250,000) meals to over one-thousand (1,000) families around treacherous areas of Somalia and Ethiopia. “It’s been of the best meal distributions we have had around here.” Reported the Emergency Team Leader. “In some cases the threat of running out of food before we could make sure every family received meals seemed imminent but God has provided and all of our distributions were conducted successfully. It’s heartbreaking to see some of these poor little innocent children suffer. We can never get used to the visual shock of seeing children dying right in front of your eyes. It’s extremely tough, but that is why were are here, to provide for those children and families.”
Three of the grateful children receiving meals from CHRF!
“I want to send a special thanks to the many CHRF donors who helped make this distribution possible. As you can see your donations can help to make the difference between life and death for children who are malnourished and suffering. Thank you for your support and for bringing hope to these people. I think knowing that someone cares about them and is willing to help provide for them from thousands of miles away means just as much to them as the meals that could help to save their lives.” Over the next few months the teams will continue to provide tens of thousands of more meals all over the “horn” of Africa in Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia as they work to search for and serve forgotten families and villages that have no other source of help.

Thank you for helping us to provide thousands upon thousands of meals for children, mothers and their families.

CHRF’s work in the South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia is just one example of what sets our team apart from the others out there working towards the same goal of saving children. In a world where almost 9,000 children die every day from Malnutrition we must work hard and sometimes, like our emergency relief team, take risks to make the most powerful difference for those children that we can make. Thank you for supporting CHRF and our Emergency Relief Team as they bring God’s love and life saving meals to over 1,000 families in some of the most desperate regions of Africa. Please keep our team in your prayers over the next few months as they constantly risk their lives in order to help some of the most vulnerable and neediest children they can find.

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