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Somalia Update: United Nations Alerts that 750,000 Thousand People Could Die!

The United Nations has recently announced that out of the twelve million people displaced by the drought and famine in and around Somalia, A QUARTER OF A MILLION are "at risk of death in the coming four months in the absence of adequate response" (From the UN's Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit). Furthermore UN Representatives note that even if they can get food delivered to African Cape Ports, another problem is the "Last step" or "Last Mile" of actually delivering the food into the hands of the children and families that need it most. Fortunately, Children's Hunger Relief Fund's International Crisis Relief Director is planning on overseeing the delivery of close to 1,000,000 meals over the next two months.

A Few of the Twelve-Million-Plus children and people who have become refugees.
"The UN Director is absolutely right. Not only must you have the food but you must have the ability to deliver it in much needed places where people are dying. Which can be miles and miles away, in the middle of a desert and in the middle of nowhere."
Many of the Children and Families are extremely difficult to reach with aid.
Because of their vulnerable and weaker bodies most of the 750,000 people that could die are children. Thank you for supporting CHRF to help and put meals in the hands of some of these children. More reports to come...

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