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Special Report: Ethiopia-The Food Is Running Out!!!

Readers, As you may recall just last month Children’s Hunger Relief Fund was able to deliver 50 tons (100,000 pounds!) of life saving meals to starving children and their families in Ethiopia. The food translated into about 400,000 meals for hungry and starving people!

Starving children and their families received over 400,000 meals thanks to CHRF Donors.
Now however, only about a month later, we have gotten word that the food is running out and will be completely gone by the end of May. The reports that we received from our Field Director in Ethiopia were simply devastating. Children too weak to even cry. Their arms skinnier than a man’s finger and their hair falling out as you hold them dying in your arms.
Mihret's Tiny Arm is Smaller than A Man's Finger!
This is not intended to sicken you or ruin your day but to raise awareness about people and children like those tortured in Ethiopia by a excruciating hunger. We hope and pray to send another relief team soon with more life saving meals made possible by CHRF Donors. Please check the links below to learn more about the developing situation in Ethiopia and how you can help: Learn More about Ethiopia by reading our webpage: Help donate more meals by giving:

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  1. Greetings Susan,
    CHRF maintains a very high commitment to excellence as a not for profit with our overhead at just 1.9% for the last two years. Please contact me if you should have any more questions at
    Thank you for your interest and concern for feeding the children.

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