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Twelve Year Old Alexandra Jackman Strives to Send 20,000 Meals to Somalia Refugees!

As Children Hunger Relief Fund continues to work towards delivering One Million Meals to the suffering people in Ethiopia and Somalia we are inspired by our generous donors and motivated by the great need. One especially inspiring donor is twelve year old Alexandra Jackman who has been fundraising towards her goal of sending 20,000 meals to the children and families displaced by the epidemic caused by civil war and famine.

Alexandra Jackman (above) aims this year to send 20,000 meals to other children and families suffering from the epidemic.
After fundraising for worthy causes in her own local community, young Ms. Jackman has decided to extend her efforts across the globe! This year Alexandra will be asking for donations for the victims of the epidemic while also spreading awareness of their great need. With Alexandra’s impressive track record (winner of the New Jersey Wallenberg Award for philanthropic achievements), it’s only a matter of time before she reaches and exceeds her goal. We can all learn something from Alexandra, as long as you are dedicated to the cause you can make a real difference in the lives of others, and there is no telling how far your help extends or how many lives you can make a difference in. Alexandra, with the help of her family and friends, has extended her reach to the other side of the world and is committed to raising funds for much needed food that will make a difference for all of the families that receive them! Keep up the good work Alexandra! Stay tuned in as next week as our CHRF team returns to Somalia and Ethiopia to find displaced refugees that other aid agencies have not been able to help!

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