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CHRF Welcomes Our New Partner In Uganda!

Meet Hannington Kubomwi, a smart and kind 12-year-old-boy, living in Uganda. Hannington now lives a relatively normal life for a child in Uganda. He lives with his adopted family in a safe home and receives at least one meal a day. But his life wasnâ ...Continue reading

Disaster strikes with Drought in Uganda:

It’s not only Somalia and Ethiopia that have been affected by the severe drought but the entire Western region of Africa. Uganda, which is going through its worst famine in over 40 years, has already lost over 7,000 acres of farmland. The portion ...Continue reading

Miracle Stories: Close encounters with the LRA

CHRF has been working in Uganda funding clinics, schools and orphanages for years but has rarely come across a miracle like the one that our leader in Kampala, Reverend Emma, has just shared with us.   Meet Okello, a 6-year-old boy who has jus ...Continue reading

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